Monday, May 31, 2010

A boy who touched my heart

I've been teaching in my previous tuition center, Mutiara Education and Training Services since 2008.

But, this year, at Shah Alam Branch, the tuition center invited 5 orphanages for a free tuition and they are sponsored by some of the students' parents.

There's a boy, named Fadhil, who really touched my heart when the first I was him in my first English class with him. Well, I noticed that he kept staring at me from the beginning until the end of the class.

Last night (31st May), I had one more English class with him and this time, I have an opportunity to have a short chat with him. It shocked me that he really needs some attention from a 'brother' and it's really obvious to see it through his face. He started his chat with me when I watched he did his English Tutorial, and he began it by letting me know his brothers background. Surprisingly, he spoke English with me even he's not that fluent in the language.

"My elder brother is 20 years old. I have 4 brothers. I'm the third." he mentioned.

"Well, where is your brother now? Is he studying?" I asked.

"He is at the village (means at his hometown). He is not schooling." He answered.

Then, this is the part that really touched me,

"He has an exactly look as you are, teacher. But, he's a little brighter."

Once I heard the way he said, I was like crying because he looks like he need some attention from an eldest brother.

An hour later, I have to move to the Year 6 students teaching Mathematics. But, the way he looked at me when I was leaving the class just like he never let me go. But, I have to go on.

At the end of the class, Puan Iffah said to me, "Lepas habis kelas tadi, dia asyik cari awak saja, Fadzili.(he was looking for you after the class end)" and I was like so wrong for not saying goodbye before he left the tuition center.

Well, he's like my little brother now. I will try my best to give the best of me as a teacher. And I decided to buy him some new shirts because he almost wear the same everyday.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why "Lim" ??

Assalamualaikum w.r.t and a very good day to all readers....

Some people keep asking me, why "Fadzili Lim" is used in almost all of my profiles' name such as in Facebook and Yahoo! Messenger even there is no "Lim" word in my full name?

Actually, there's a "Lim" in my full name but it is at the end of my father's name, Muhammad Noor Fadzili bin Noor Azman Lim. My father, before he married my mother, he was a Chinese (Malacca Baba and Nyonya - a mixture of Chinese and Malay cultures) and he was not in Islam as his religion. His name before he changed to an Islamic name is Gilbert Lim Kim Chuan where his family always call him Gilbert most of the time.

Well, since my name is so long and most of people are calling me "Fadzili", so I suggest to use "Fadzili" and a "Lim" as a sign that I'm a "Lim" generation. It's funny, huh? But, it's true.

Thus, in order continue our "Lim" heritage, three of us - brothers, planned to put "Lim" as the sir name of our child in the future. Insya-Allah...

Thank you and Assalamualaikum ^_^