Thursday, August 14, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Needs To Improve Their Marketing Strategy

Malaysia Airlines really needs to improve their marketing strategy..
They used to be printed on stamps, and their logo was everywhere...
Well, RM10 has a Malaysia Airlines 777 on it..
Try do something more, like TV ads around the world.
AirNZ and Jetstar have their commercials all the time in TVNZ...

make sales at the right time to the right destinations..Malaysian students are around the world...
make a research of when will be the summer break and make a discount sales. for NZ, AUS, summer break will be around mid November and mid may for Europe. capture those dates (can be found in the university's website) and make a discount sales to travel around that time...
the best times to start selling the tickets are

beginning of august (that's when new MARA scholars get their first allowance payment)
end of October (for those who suddenly change their minds and feel like going home)

for Europe, ask the Malaysian students who study there :p hehe..

Besides that, Tourism Malaysia has to work together with MAS..
Tourism Malaysia needs to promote the beauty of Malaysia on worldwide TV, please please please get rid of the song that you guys put it all Malaysia Airlines IFE before arriving at KLIA..the one with "Selamat datang ke Malaysia, beautiful Malaysia..." ..If insisted, get a great composer to compose a better song please. and of course, a better video clip.

Tourism Malaysia plays an important part for MAS because one of the easiest way to get to Malaysia is by Malaysia Airlines. Who wants to come to Kuala Lumpur for no reason? Promote Malaysia in a very interesting way so that Malaysia Airlines will be helped. Make winter escape sales around the world.

End of word, as a Malaysian student who is studying in New Zealand, I have made my best to be part of the promotions, either for tourism or our airline.

I want MAS to be on top again like we used to be. For me, we're together in this. Yup. WE!!